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Onyx™ Series Fire Alarm Control

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NOTIFIER's intelligent series of Fire Alarm Control Panels, the Onyx Series is designed for smoke and fire detection in virtually any building application. All Onyx Series Fire Alarm Control Panels are monitored and controlled when networked with NOTI•FIRE•NET.


The NCA is an intuitive 640-character display used to present event information from the network. Whether an event is in progress, or system interrogation is required, the large screen allows the operator to view extended information in real time – from the entire network or a subset of it. Multiple NCAs may be placed anywhere on the network to present event information to one or more operators.


The NCS is an UL-Listed PC used to display event information from the network in a text and graphical format. Graphic screens are created with a built-in drawing utility of the protected area and are linked to fire alarm devices. Should a device go into alarm, the appropriate graphic floor plan is displayed along with operator instructions. This provides a quick and easy way to inform operators of a fire’s location in complex buildings. The NCS includes a host of additional features including: event history tracking, fire panel programming and control, pocket paging interface, and many more.

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