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Notifier Onyx™ 640

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Expandable, network-able and scalable, the NFS-640 is also designed for backward compatibility. It's easier to program and offers three display options.
NOTIFER'S flexible Onyx 640 fire alarm control panel offers faster polling and response time by utilizing NOTIFIER's Flash-Scan(TM) technology. This new SCL protocol features increased loop capacity for up to 318 devices, allowing the systems response time to exceed worldwide code requirements.
The Onyx 640 comes standard as one loop but easily expands to two, and easily accommodates future expansion needs. The NOTI-FIRE-NET Web Server is designed to offer facility manager's remote viewing to their NOTI-FIRE-NET network of fire alarm control panels. Via the Internet or an Intranet, facility mangers can now conveniently access information on their panels directly from their computers. The system's user-friendly graphical interface allows operators easy viewing of the event history of a fire alarm control panel and tracking a system's status, device properties, and other information.
Small commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, campus complexes each have their own special requirements for a fire detection system - and they're all met by the 640 fire alarm control panel, first of the new Onyx series of fire detection products.

 Intelligent 1 to 2 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel Features:
  • One Signaling Line Circuit (SLC), expandable to two.
  • 318 devices per SLC (159 detectors and 159 modules), 636 devices per panel or network node.
  • 80-character, 640-character, or display less (network node)operator interface options.
  • Complete intelligent system feature set with digital protocol, 9 levels of sensitivity, drift compensation and maintenance alert, and auto detector test.
  • NAC (Notification Appliance Circuits). Selectable System Sensor strobe synchronization.
  • Built-in Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory relays.
  • Up to 64 output circuits per FACP or network node; circuits programmable.
  • Fully field programmable with 80-character display (includes QWERTY keypad)or offline with VeriFire™ Tools Windows-based program utility.
  • Unique environment Detection includes VIEW® for clean environments, HARSH™ for dirty environments, and Acclimate Plus™ –a multi sensor that adjusts sensitivity automatically.
  • Optional integrated voice and firefighters telephone.
  • Sophisticated releasing capabilities with 10 hazard areas, abort, delay and discharge timers, and cross zoning.
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