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Notifier AM2020

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The AM2020 is the work horse of the NOTIFIER line. Undoubtedly considered best in the industry, the AM2020 can support from one to ten intelligent Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) which monitor up to 1,980.

intelligent devices. This system can be networked, has optional integrated voice and telephone and remote Data Gathering Transponders. This system continues to be the industry leader in large facility protection.
A robust system, the AM2020 can address 1,980 addressable points of multiplexed detection and control. It is fully field programmable without special tools or need of a laptop computer, and provides fire protection while being programmed. The basic configuration features a full 80 character back-lighted liquid crystal display, 400 event history in non-volatile memory, and can automatically test smoke detectors to conform to the NFPA 72 calibrated sensitivity testing for fire alarm systems.
The AM-2020 can be fully equipped with emergency voice paging, message playback, and fire fighters telephone system. Common configurations include single, dual, or triple channel voice with full amplifier backup, manual override of automatic messages. When combined with transponders or stand alone satellite control panels, the AM-2020 is capable of distributed voice.
Connecting Fire Suppression Systems
The AM2020 is also capable of controlling numerous independent releasing zones for the control and supervision of FM-200, Inergen, FE-13 or pre-action sprinkler fire suppression systems.

Intelligent 1-To 10-Loop Fire Alarm Control Panels Feature:
  • Point capacity: 990 detectors (ion, photo, ulti or duct) and 990 modules (relay, NAC or monitor).
  • Fully field programmable from built-in keypad or CRT or off line with VeriFire Windows-based software utility
  • 80-character, back-lit display.
  • Network option with support of over 100 nodes.
  • Serial LED, LCD and graphic annunciators.
  • 400-event history buffer.
  • 6.0 amps power supply with expansion in 6.0 amp increments and optional 6.0 amp field charging power supply.
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